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of times. this is the first time i've done one in new york city, and it's in a lot of ways a different animal. you learn how fragile a big city can be, a big strong city like this. it's just different, and that surge, as i said, was really something to behold. >> yeah. >> scott cohn, thank you very much. see you later. >>> coming up next, hurricane sandy hitting long island's massapequa hard tonight turning streets into rivers. more on how the storm is ravaging the northeast and how refineries are being affected as well. we'll be back in two minutes. >>> welcome back. sandy has closed several of the region's major refineries. here's a look at the process to reopen these fuel centers. cnbc's sharon epperson has more. >> reporter: getting a refinery back online after a full shutdown due to a hurricane or major storm can be a lengthy multi-phase operation. the first step, returning evacuated personnel to the refinery, could take a few days depending on conditions and surrounding areas. once on location, the crew evaluates the storm damage, like flooding or downed power lines. if the power
to the blue cities? guess where it's happening? the battleground state of ohio. >>> but first up, vice president joe biden and paul ryan are cramming for their debate. you can watch coverage of the debate beginning tomorrow here on "the kudlow report." now, past debates have been must-see tv. this one is likely to be no different. cnbc's own john harwood joins us live from lexington, kentucky, with all the details. good evening, john. >> reporter: good evening, larry. you know, if presidential debates themselves usually don't matter much, and they don't, vice presidential debates almost never do, even though they're fun. but the stakes are higher for this debate tomorrow between paul ryan and vice president joe biden. ryan, of course, is a policy wonk. biden has the experience. but it's not going to be as friendly as this encounter four years ago between biden and sarah palin. >> no cheers, applaud, no untoward outbursts except right at this minute now as we welcome governor palin and senator biden. >> reporter: the reason this is going to be a different encounter is because of all the
% from the same time four years ago. compare that to new york city's homicide rate. what's chicago's problem? and what's its supposed solution? they're talking about taxing guns? here's a republican strategist lenny mcallister. first of all the tax on bullets and handguns will do nothing to stop the murders among the gang bangers? am i just dreaming this up? >> this is one of the most ridiculous things i have ever heard of. it's another example of an ivory tower highbrow solution. this is a lot of time what you see from people that are often removed, oftentimes the very far left, progressive. the high tower legislator that -- it's not surprising, too. >> first of all, to the ammo and the guns are being bought illegally on the streets anyway. >> exactly. >> law abiding shopkeepers selling this stuff had nothing to do with it. let get that straight. >> i want to ask you, because you used to live in chicago. it's people who use gun that are killing each other. is this about drugs? are these about racial gangs? why is this happening because it's not happening in many other cities inclu
. >> they got the first day of trading in without a hitch, and that in itself is an accomplishment. but in many ways, things are about to get more complicated. they're still pumping water out of this city and there's still almost no power in the lower part of manhattan. and then there's the issue of getting around. no subway service, of course. if you want to drive in from the suburbs or the outer bureaus, you're going to have to car pool because there are restrictions. and then there's the whole issue of gas. it is not easy to come by. my colleague has that part of the story. brian? >> reporter: it's after 7:00 p.m. here in new hyde park, long island, and we are talking 30, 35 minutes, hour-long wait just to get gas. we shot video just before dark to give you an impression of what's going on. the first question you might ask is why do they need gas. 80% of long island is without power. they need gas to refuel their generators. they need gas to drive around and look for food. they need gas to charge their phones. it's not just out here in long island. take a look at this picture from new jersey
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4

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